Matching Geared KH 24 Mountain Unicycles

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Louise and I have (somewhat) matching Geared KH 24 Mountain Unicycles. Here’s the final product of the paint job I did ages ago. Click on the blog entry above for larger pictures, and more details.

So far, she has a few rides under her belt, and she really enjoys it – especially on the long fireroads out to some trails (like Braille Trail, Soquel Demo forest, Santa Cruz, CA)

Those are some sweet wheels. I love how the rim strips match the paint chips.

I really need to get a job so I can afford some new toys

Hehe…yeah; I wanted to get a black rim tape, but never got around to it. Luckily the paint on the rim has been staying nice, since it generally doesn’t get banged against rocks. If I paint it again, i’ll definitely strip all the blue off of the frame first!

These will be our Africa tour vehicles.


Those are some cool g-muni’s. Does a g-uni feel the same in 1:1 as riding an ungeared uni?


In that first picture, they look as though they are in love.

They pretty much feel the same. There is a slight amount of play in the hub, but it is nothing that ever bothers me. In addition, the hub does add a few pounds of weight, so it is a little harder to hop over branches/logs.



But prob not heavier than my DX :roll_eyes: (esp if you have a cf base.)

What are you getting me for xmas Corbin? :smiley:

Nice Gunis man!