"Masters Athlete" Magazine feature!

Well, I wasn’t expecting this so soon, since their newstand version won’t be out 'till Feb. But it’s already up on their online magazine!

Formerly “GeezerJock”, and now renamed as “Masters Athlete”, it’s a monthly sports magazine that highlights athletes aged 40 and older. There will supposedly be pictures in the actual magazine, but you can read the article online.

They also embedded a whole bunch of my videos (and others) on their website aslo. Thanks to John Long and Adam Brody for their perspectives!:smiley:

Link: http://www.masters-athlete.com/public/484.cfm

Nice! Congrats man! That was a good read. :smiley:

Keep up with those videos and show em’ what else you’ve got!

Nice article, Terry; very positive. You young guys do impressive stuff. Man, I wish I was 52 again…those were the days.

Nice! I really enjoyed reading this article.

Makes me look forward to being 51… When I grow up I want to be like you! :smiley:

Very well done. Did they do a photoshoot? :stuck_out_tongue:

(are the ‘‘pictures’’ ones you’ve given them or… :thinking: )

good article terry, I would have liked a different vid until I saw the bikes walk up it! Ha!

That’s awesome Terry! And they did a decent job with the write-up as well. Will look forward to seeing the pictures later.

YEah, actually there are a whole bunch more vids imbedded there. When you finish watching the first one, a bunch of thumbnails spring up at the bottom of the video screen so you can choose others to watch. :smiley:

I submitted hi res stills; I think they’ll use some of them in the magazine.

That should get more people to see your videos!! Nice article!

Isn’t there another guy who also unicycle on mtb-trails? Kris something …

KH was the FIRST person I mentioned to the reporter that he’s our hero and one of the major pioneers of the sport! There was lots of other stuff that didn’t appear online so hopefully it will show up in the actual magazine, along with photos as well. Plus, they only feature athletes aged 40 and over. But they still should have mentioned KH! At least they put in a plug for this forum!:smiley:

John Long?
Not THE John Long, author & co-author of all those climbing books?

Say Hi for me… his anchor tutorials have saved my life on occasion :slight_smile:

One and the same! We ride MUni together, but not often enough. I’ve learned so much from riding with him, he’s been an inspiration to me and many others! :smiley:

Terry! you’re gonna be at Moab this year!? I might see you there… I really hope to make it to Moab this year… I don’t have much time to save up now… but I’m gonna try… Maybe Me Jerrick and Jackie can drive up this year… cause I don’t think I can get my 36’er on a plane… it might force me to Muni on a smaller wheel.

you the man uni geezer

Awsome job

Your a celebrity now.

I don’t know yet; I don’t think I could handle the 11+ hour drive again, and I can’t fly. So I’ll have to keep working on my partical beam transporter.:o

yea, pretty much the same here exept for the “again” part;
another Muni-fest goes by…
Anyways, they did a great job on the artical, and I hope the printed version will be more complete.