massive unicycle sale

luna tire, alex dx rim, profile hub/crankset. purple bedford frame. will come without seat unless you are willing to pay extra for it.

kh 165 cranks/hub. alex dx 32 rim, arrow racing 24*3 tire. bedford frame. carbon fiber seat with carbon fiber right handed handle.

24inch wheel set.
140 koxx cranks/hub. koxx drilled rim. shaved 24*3 duro tire.

20inch BC wheel. plates have 3 holes drilled. green.

kh 29. stock with dual drilled cranks. 125/150.

torkerdx 20 inch. stock. needs a back bumper on the seat. the frame broke (where all the 07(i think) models did, and was welded together at both the top and bottom to insure it wont break again.

all of them are dinged up. the trials is heavily scratched on the right side.

make me offers. pictures available upon request.
not interested in any trades unless you have a koxx 125 cranks/hub and can build me a wheel with a rim i already have. for questions.
pics will be up in a few minutes.

how much for trials and bc wheel and dx

pleasant hill california is where i am located. local pick up is ok. otherwise you pay shipping.

I’m kinda interested but shipping would kill me :frowning:

Pics for others though?

Can you post a picture of the 29? How much do you want for it.
more pictures upon request. working on uploading the ones of the 29er specifically.

would like 550 shipped for the 29er.

How much without shipping? I live 45 minutes away. I tried to look up what shipping is, but no luck.
Also, what year is it?

if you want to come pick it up with 500 cash in hand, i will be pleased.

not sure on the year. 07 or 08 i think. it was before KH started drilling rims.

pictures and prices on the muni and 24inch wheelset?

500 for the muni.
350 for the wheelset.
plus shipping.
Will get pics up tonight.

Or if the price is too high make me an offer.
Worst I will say is no.

how much for the profiles and the BC wheel…

also… what is the profile crank length?

sorry misunderstood. how much is the trials???

also how much is the carbon fiber seat? or is that all part of the same uni??


550 for the trials. the profile cranks are 145.
the carbon fiber seat can be switched to the trials for extra.
100 for the bc?
sorry its taken so long for me to get reply.

450 for the muni
450 for the trials
500 for the 29er
90 for the BC
175 for the DX
250 for the 24" wheelset.
all prices obo and you add for shipping.
ask for pictures.
faster response email me at

Price drop

lets get these sold!
and 450 plus shipping.

but again, all prices are OBO

I presume all of these prices are in USD

Yes. Also I would rather not ship outside the US. But would be willing to ship to Canada.

can you post some pics of the B.C. wheel please

do you ship to Canada because I’m interested in the bc wheel. If you do ship to Canada how much does it cost? :thinking: