MASSIVE Unicycle Hockey League Tournament (UK) Saturday 10th November

On the 10th November the Denton Unicycle Club (DUC) will be hosting a league hockey tournament and will be primarily for organised teams only. We’re expecting all team places to be taken for this event, but If we fall short then the remaining places/s will be made up of scratch teams.

Due to the growing popularity of the tournaments we hold in Manchester, we’ve had to look for an alternative venue so that we can cater for the growing number of teams interested in playing hockey. We’ve secured the use of two large modern sports halls which are located adjacent to each other. These are in Liverpool and just five minutes from the end of the M62 motorway at Hope Park University.

This will be one of the largest hockey tournaments to be held in the UK to date as far as number of games played and length of games. Because we’re using two halls adjacent to each other, we can cater for 10 teams, with two games being played simultaneously.

All 10 teams will play each other (i.e 9 games each)

12 minute games, not including the two minute turn-round.

No team will have to play consecutive games, but will never have to wait more than two games before playing again.

Full details and how to register can be found at

Registration is now open.

See you all there,
Steve & Stu:D

6 places taken already - only 4 remaining.

Should be good.

Severn are booked in, aren’t we?

I would bring a team, but I have tickets to see Jethro Tull that night.
In South Africa.

I missed them the last time they were here.
It’s a long story, ask me one day when you’re really bored.

Have a stunning tournament.

7 places taken - 3 remaining :smiley:

Just heard from the HuHa’s (Horsham) and they’ll be taking the 8th spot.

Cambridge should be confirming this week also.

This means that the one remaining place will be up for grabs.

I’ve tried contacting Cardiff, but no reply. If anyone has contacts with Cardiff, then please ask them to book their place, if they’re available, ASAP.

From Friday we’ll be accepting a ‘B’ team to take that 10th spot, as we don’t have enough scratch players to form a team.


An email requesting Cardiff’s place is on route.

Jethro Tull are good fun live.


Thanks for that Alex.
Cardiff have now taken the 9th spot. Just waiting on Cambridge to fill things up.


Hockey Tournament 10th November - confirmed teams

All places have now been taken.

This is how they line up:

  1. DUCs
  2. Stockton
  3. LUnis
  4. EMUs
  5. Southampton
  6. Tholthorpe
  7. Severn Wheelers
  8. HuHas (Horsham)
  9. Cardiff
  10. Cambridge

All teams now need to confirm their place by sending me some money - Sorry


As an estranged Scouser now living in London and absolutely desperate to take up Uni Hockey, I’ll probably time a trip home to coincide with the tournament so I can come and take a look. It should be possible for me to be able to spectate, right?

Why don’t you come down to Lunis (London Unicyclists) on a Thursday night and play? Then it might be possible that you’d be able to play at the tournament :astonished:

Details of Lunis below, if you want car directions PM me.


Hockey is on this Thursday (20th September) from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the Westway.

Hope to see you there.

Here are some useful links :-

It’s outside, but underneath the A40 flyover so you don’t get too wet when it rains. The surface is smooth Tarmac, it’s a bit abrasive on sticks, but OK to play on and great for fast turns!

Yeah, I fired off an email to the Lunis a couple of days back. I’d definitely be up for turning up. I need to get back up to Liverpool to pick up one of my unicycles, so I guess it’ll still be a couple of weeks before I’ll be able to make it, but I’ll be there.

Can I remind teams that they need to confirm their place by paying either by cheque and bank transfer.


Hi everyone,

The fixtures have been finalised, which was a real headache, due to having two games running at the same time, but it’s all done anyway. Plus it’s worked out very well.

Can I remind all teams that they need to pay as soon as possible to secure their place. We have another team waiting in the wings to play, plus I have to pay for the hall by Friday 12th October. Please pay before that date, otherwise I’ll have to offer your place to others.

Note: someone transferred money into my account yesterday, 2/10/07 (thanks), but didn’t reference who it was from. Could the team that payed yesterday please let me know. (your reference was 401432). Ta.

Please keep an eye on the web page for the latest info.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Steve & Stu

Only one week to go now.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Could all players please read the latest details?

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Steve & Stu :smiley: