Massive sale at - 4 years celebration

Starting the 25th of October - UDC Denmark launches a massive sale!

We have selected a lot of products that will start at 10% discount on monday. Thuesday the discount will rise to 20%, Wedensday 30% and so on. Sunday when we reach 70% discount we dont expect to have anything left of the products on sale.

Feel free to tale a look at:ødselsdags_tilbud-c-96.html?language=en

Lars Lottrup

Hooray! Happy anniversary!

All the items on sale is now reduced 30%. Quite some good deals there…

New year SALE!

Howdy, if anyone around Europe is looking for a bargain, today only have upto 30% off everything in the store. I just picked up the rest of the parts I need for my new 36er build, at 30% off everything. Happy new year to all, but get in quick…



Wow CF bases only $53 USD! Too bad the shipping is more than the part! :frowning:

Thank you mate, I passed a big order for future projects (light city 26 for me, 36 for my son) !

Did they really sell a Schlumpf for £650!!!

Lucky bugger who got that!

Unfortunately not feisty, I was going to buy another hub but they had none in stock…

Should we have a race to see who’s triton 36er is built first? Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably you at this rate :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, finally got a CF base!

I ordered some parts on the 31st of December, I reveived some wrong references so I contacted Lars, I received a second shipping but still one wrong reference and until now I didn’t receive any reply from Lars to my claims ! Anyone knows if there is an issue with or Lars ?