Massive rim strike, could my wheel be done?


So I have another question spawned from my paranoia. When I was out riding my new XC rig today (first ride on it), I ended up getting a small puncture, and was reminded why I’ve been running tubeless up until this point.

No biggie, I tried to find the hole, but couldn’t. So I pumped in a can of CO2 just be on the safe side, and headed back to the truck.

On the way back though, as I lost air pressure, I could feel my rim hitting rocks ocassionally if I didn’t watch where I was riding. Nothing crazy, but I could feel the rim almost/barely bottoming out.

Right before I hit pavement though, the big one got me. I saw a rock that I couldn’t resist riding off of (only 3", but would have been decent air with an inflated tire and some speed). As soon as I hit the rock, I could hear that hollow ringing sound from my rim and spokes. 50 yards later there was no more air in my tube.

On the way home I picked up a tubeless kit, and have now set up a different tire on it (better sidewall) tubeless, and put that back on the Muni.

What’s got me freaked out a bit, is my rim is still nearly perfectly true :astonished: . No flat spots, no high spots, not wobbly at all. Do I have anything to worry about? I’m sure it’s fine, but I don’t want to have all the spokes in that area catastrophically fail at once and for my wheel to disintigrate under me, pitching me off of the mountain side into some 100 foot abyss.

Just wondering if that shock to the rim/hub/spokes could have any long term affect, mostly.


Nah, the sound just meant your spokes went slack. So +1 fatigue cycle, but that’s all. Hundreds or thousands more cycles before spokes would fail.

No worries :slight_smile:

If you are worried you can check your spoke tensions, but a properly built wheel should go right back to the way it was after one of these stress events assuming you didn’t damage the rim.

if it aint broke dont fix it!

no but really you have nothing to worry about it as long as your rim and spokes are fine. Rims are pretty strong these days, i love it! In moab my tire psi started to drop at the decent of our ride on a technical rocky trail. I smashed my rim and bottomed out more times than i could count. Luckily i never pinched flatted to 100% failure and my rim didnt get to tweaked.

As you become a more aggressive rider you will start to bottom out more and that is when you will start riding higher psi.

Best of luck to yeah!