Massive Pink Elephant!

Now that I have got your attention… I just thought I’d say ‘Hi’ and introduce myself!
I’m new to the forum. I started riding a unicycle, borrowing a friends occasionally, a few months ago and got my own unicycle last weekend. I’m still quite new at it, but I’m learning fast and enjoying it a lot! I’m from Sheffield, UK and recently we set up a unicycle hockey group where we can practice and learn. It’s great fun. Are there many other people out there playing unicycle hockey?

dam i wanted to see the pink elephant. welcome to the forums. there are loads of people wo play uni hockey on here
good luck with riding

There’s a UK league. has a list of upcoming tournaments.

You’ll find discussion of it both here and on the uk_unicyclists mailing list (register at if you’re not already registered, then search for uk_unicyclists).