Mass suicide at the ECUC

The week-old Eastern Connecticut Unicycle Club couldn’t wait for the next meeting and got together again yesterday. When I arrived, all the other members showed off their death-non-defying abilities, enmasse!

We also had fun bopping around on the local challenges, building wheels, riding for refreshments, and testing the Strongest Coker Wheel in the World.

Here’s our gallery!

gotta love those suicide mounts

gotta love those suicide mounts
but wait a minute, they don’t work on my computer

That was just a mass attempted suicide. Who made the cool-aid and the pudding? They didn’t make it strong enough.

Those were jump mounts. To be a suicide mount you have to let go of the seat before you jump. For better effect you let go and let the uni stand on its own for a second before you start your jump. That’s why it’s a suicide mount. Part of the thrill is jumping on the uni before it falls over.

nice try chickens.

I thought the mass-suicide video was cool. I didn’t comb it for minute, trivial little details (like the Oregonian nay-sayers). I just thought it was cool looking. Did those guys really build the entire wheel in the bed of that pickup truck? That’s quite an accomplishment too.

Yes, Greg they did. I was impressed too. Before we left to go riding they scrounged up 4 plastic ties. When they started building, they strapped the ties to the frame and used them for truing. I gave them some assist on stress relief and spoke path adjustment, and degree of tension, and they’re riding them around today!

Hey U Turn!! When do you guys meet! Cause some fo us southern/central CT people (aka people) would love to arrange a time to ride some. Especially when the snow clears a bit more!!

Heres my e-mail address: Contact me there and we may be able to figure something out! Hey we all are what makes CTUni so… we’d also love to get some film of you people for our next video and maybe get some pictures for the members page of our website if you want.


Hey Tim! Yup again nice nice video. Lots of class.

Sure we’ll contact you. These guys are trials and off-road types so far but we are also hoping to get some of the freestyle types as well. We are also hoping to get out to Case Mountain and Gay City and perhaps some of the Connecticut Rail-to-trails as the weather brightens up, in addition to Pachaug, Bluff Point, and even some of the Rhode Island trails.

That sounds like an awesome time. I think about three of us would be interested. I also had an idea about giving Ben Plotkin a call and seeing if we could all get together sometime. I bet there would be a group of us (a large one) and I bet that it would be a rockin time. I talked to him about it today and he liked the dound of it so…

anyways… please e-mail me! it would be good