mass produced geared uni's

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This is a company in Germany, I think, that produces geared unicycles. I’d write more, but I have to go, just thought I’d share.

.ch stands for switzerland, but swiss people (not all but many) do speak german.

And if you missed it - Mr. Schlumpf is going to be in America very soon, there’s another tread flying around here, that will tell you that, James! :slight_smile:


huh. I’ve heard that name before, but never seen the site. cool.

I think that’s probably the first ever mass produced ones, though. It’s surely a major advancement.

I think at this point “mass” might still be a bit of an overstatement, but we’ll see what kind of market he can get.

He’s here in Seattle next Sunday…I’m looking forward to meeting him and seeing if I can ride the thing. I tried Harper’s and couldn’t get going. Must be a design problem, not user error :D.

here’s one of those threads
I’ll be meeting him this Friday.


Has anyone from PA emailed him about trying out the unicycle? I might be able to go to PA depending on where and when he will be there.

Re: mass produced geared uni’s

If anyone gets to ride a Schlumpf geared uni, please post a report

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