mask for filtering pollutants during trials

Does anyone know of any mask that is sports friendly that filters out pollutants? Over twenty years ago, there was a product called Green Scene, or something like that, sold to commuter bicyclists. I remember reading an evaluation in Bicycling Magazine that indicated that it did filter out pollutants from cars and trucks, and also enabled the wearer to breath hard.

Sometimes I will hop around near busy intersections and the lungs are going hard. I worry about the chemicals I inhale especially during the heavier workouts, albeit short ones.

Yeah, I know, I could find an area that was not near a busy intersection to work out, but sometimes that’s not convenient.

Responses with direct recomendations from experience preferred, but all responses are welcome


Cool, something I can comment on that I know about. I recently went through a search for something only for different reasons. I have severe allergy issues, and right now pollen is all over everything here.

I found a mask called Respro. I ordered it from I love it. I was able to ride 23 miles w/o having severe breathing problems. It has a Hepa filter, and doesn’t seem to restrict my breathing at all. I got the black one that has replacable Hepa filters and is made of neoprene. I also got the bandana style, but it doesn’t have replacable filters.

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After riding about 20 miles on the Coker a little girl looks at me as I approached and said “Mommy look, that guy is wearing a mask!” Made me laugh.:smiley:

Has anyone seen my tank mask i use sometimes. I dont think its the best for view but you wont have any chance getting anything on your face:D