Mashed up finger :eek:

I haven’t posted on here for a couple of months cuz I’ve been really busy moving to London and starting at a new workplace and so on. I know, I know, it’s no excuse. So apologies out of the way…

…Saturday night I decided to do a bit of late night mechanics on my fixed gear commuter bike. (I’ve had to sort myself out with a commuter bike as I’m travelling 4 miles across London every morning and evening. The closest I could get to a unicycle was by having a fixed gear!) So I was sorting out the chain tension and very stupidly managed to get my finger dragged into the cog by the chain. It cut straight through the nail and bone, with just a bit of skin holding the tip of my left index finger on. Not so good! So after some surgery I still have my finger tip, just without the nail.
So onto my point: I’m not going to be able to ride my bike for quite a while, but hopefully, with some caution I’ll be able to get back onto my unicycle for a bit of enjoyment much sooner. I’m really looking forward to it and I don’t know why I haven’t used it for so long.

So the moral of the story is: Don’t stop doing something you enjoy so much for no reason, and be very careful when you fixing things. Especially if they have a chain!

Also, one-handed typing can be very frustrating.

Surely the closest you could get to a unicycle is a unicycle?

I lived/worked in London for almost 3 years, and most of that time I was around 8 miles from where I worked. In the early days I would get the underground for the first 4 miles, and then ride the other 4 miles on my 20" unicycle. As I built up confidence and fitness, I started riding further and moved up to a 26", then 29", then 36", then 29" Guni.

The important part though was that it was more fun than riding a bike, quicker than public transport, and cheaper than going to the gym.


The closest thing other than a unicycle.

I also enjoy cycling though, so it just made sense. My job includes a lot of physically tiring work, so I need to be reasonably fresh when I get to work.
Thanks for the input though.

Ouch! Well hopefully your finger heals quickly regardless of what you ride to work. Depending on where I find a new apartment I may have the same dilema to decide. Although the larger wheeled unis are cool… it’s hard to say how likely I am to drop the coing on one instead of fixing up an old road bike. If you are gonna ride a bike around the city, fixies are about as cool as you can get.

pics or it didn’t happen? :D:o

Ahahaa, I was just gonna post that.

I’ve just had the wound redressed, but I forgot to take a pic of it. I’ll get a pic when I redress it myself in a da or two. Sorry to make you wait!

I now have some pics of the aforementioned lovely mashed up finger! I took these y’day when I redressed the finger. It’s looking a lot better than I thought it would: (apologies for the image quality, only had my mobile to hand)

Well, that’s a lovely sight… :roll_eyes: Hope it heals up well.

Yeah me too! It’s fine to ride with cus I use my right hand for holding the handle, but it does hurt a hell of a lot if I knock the broken finger. Also I’m trying to learn unispins and I need both hands for that. I might give it a go with only my right hand, but it’s going to be more dificult.