Maryland Muni ?

Are there any people who live around maryland that Muni. If so where do you do you do it at

i live in pa and i muni

What part of the state? The Wonders Unicycle club is near Washington, PA. Are you more toward Baltimore or over in the western part of the state? I’ve been out on a trail in state game lands that was really fun. I’m sure there are places…it’s just finding someone to ride with. Good luck!

I live in gaithersburg and one amazing!!! place to ride is sugarloaf mt


i used to live near Baltimore. there are great places to ride there.

  • patapsco state park - avalon area
  • loch raven resevoir

where do you live?


When I’m home I too would ride in both the loch raven res. and patapsco there are great trails in both.

Like Unidaddy I now live in pittsburgh but I go home from time to time to see my parents, its the annapolis MD area

Ive heard there is some good riding down in Calvert as well that I unfortunatlly have not got a chnace to check out.