Maryland Muni

Video filmed at Schaeffer Farm trails in Germantown, Maryland.

I enjoyed that video! Looks like a fun place to ride and your editing was A+.

Thanks. It is a fun place to ride. If you ever make it down to Maryland I’d be happy to show you the trails.

Really nice editing… and the place is also great.
Too many logs on the way for me, but maybe that would make me learn jumping the obstacles :wink:

That’s the best shot and edited uni video I’ve seen recently.

Very professional look! Cool Elvis track as well! :sunglasses:

Wow, that was great. Loved good it flowed - it was very easy enjoy the clip.

Very well edited and filmed and the riding was great.
Terrific video.

Well filmed and edited. Good choice of song.
The riding is just average, but the film makes it look purposeful.
Very professional

I enjoyed this vid. Nice footage, it was well put together and had some nice riding too. Good to see another rider making videos.

Thanks everyone for all the positive comments. I really appreciate the feedback.

Really nice riding and editing. You should try roll-hopping those logs, it’s loads of fun.

Thanks. I have tried roll hopping and it is a lot of fun. I need to practice it more to get more consistent.

Nice edit/filming/riding :smiley:

the clip at 02:00 made me think what really happened when Moses let the water go away so they could walk over the sea xD heh