Marthas Vineyard Trials Video!


MARTHAS VINEYARD SUMMER TRIALS FILM RELEASED!!! Download the FULL QUALITY VERSION of it at . It is in .mp4 format and will play on your Quicktime player and your quicktime player only! If clicking on the link does not start a download immediately please right click the link and choose “save target as” and then click save. REMEMBER: This is a 20 meg file and may take time depending upon your computer and our servers. Please only download it once to save on our bandwidth.

Hosting provided courtesy of our fans at Please feel free to check out their ever changing webplace!

I hope you guys enjoy the film! Be sure to check out the dive!


how big?

whoops. i ought readmore

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Thanks for the great laugh after “It floats ladies & gentlemen”!

You rock, I mean, you ride on rocks.

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How did you get it so fast? I’m still downloading. It’s going at 8 KB/sec right now. At least the modem users don’t have to be too jealous of the broadband users for this download. I’ve still got 30 minutes to go…

i got it at 20 kbps

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It could be our poor server getting over loaded =( … it’s only a tiny baby and doesn’t handle much traffic or have much bandwidth… if your getting poor rates now you might be better to try again later.

Sweet Vid. I too loved the "it floats ladies and gentlemen… which means… (Gasp!). That lady in the background is classic!

Keep it up.

Great vid, I got it at arround 100k/s right after it was originally posted, muah ha ha.

I really like your editing style alot. Keep it up!


You’ve probably heard me say this in other threads about videos, but my computer USED TO go at about 300-400 KB/Second, but now it goes at 13 KB/Second!!!
Cable connection is not supposed to go at 13 KB/Sec!!!

It could be because cable connections are shared between a bunch of people, so your 300kbit cable connection is shared between everyone on your road, so as more people get cable internet, everyone’s connection slows right down.

Is there any chance someone could convert this to divx or something, as quicktime is really damn annoying on a pc, you have to download a new version every time someone puts out a new video. It’s okay on macs where you get the qt upgrades as system updates every couple of weeks, but on the PC Apple make you download a whole new version to get the upgraded codecs, they never really got codec downloading working.


Oh quit your complaining…I’m going steady at 0.4Kb/s. :slight_smile:


Nice video. I also was one of the first to download it. Something like 40 kbs. And that video is really good. Escpecially that “it floats” part.

The slow download was due to everyone trying to download the video at once. My cable modem was only going at 8 KB/sec while downloads from were going at 300 KB/sec. It wasn’t the cable modem that was the bottleneck. Even though the download was slow, the video downloaded, I saw it, I enjoyed it, I am happy.

You can convert the QuickTime file to an AVI or MPEG yourself. You don’t even need QuickTime installed to be able to do the conversion. Download The RAD Video Tools. The RAD Video Tools is free, although they do ask for a donation if you feel it’s worth it. I converted the MP4 file to an AVI in just a few minutes and was able to play the AVI movie in Windows Media Player.

I get it… My neighbor just got Cable so he’s probably slowing me down! But would it really slow it down by 250 KB’s?

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On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 18:19:24 -0600, john_childs
<> wrote:

>At least the modem users don’t have to be too jealous
>of the broadband users for this download.
Except that the modem users pay per minute (or at least I have to).

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Thanks for your inputon our film. We’re currently filming something new and different (“And now for something completely different”) for the winter before it consumes us.

Man! I hope that can stand all the downloads! Good to know you guys actually watch that stuff.


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