Where’d he go?

I don’t remember the last time he posted… Does he still ride?

I do believe his name was Reef

Reef Brand-Adams I think it is, from Townsvile, Australia. Ooooh yeah. I was hoping to see him at the aussie uninats but people tell me they don’t know what hes doing.

Come back Reef, we all miss you, i think.

Yes, I miss Reef. He was my main competition and motivation at one point.

Was he the dude in the earth hour thread? Nah, he can stay away.

‘Oh like at my, smug, smug, smug, pompus, pompus, pompus! I turned my lights out for one hour OOOOooooOOOOoooo.’

This should be in JC.

Very True… I simply wasn’t paying attention… I only visit RSU and the Videos anyway, so I guess I did it out of habit. My bad.

It’s cool bro, just letting it be known.

At least you had a clear title.

Hahaa, my thoughts exactly. Twas a fun thread though.

Hmm I was gonna say you could message him on youtube or something, but it says he hasn’t logged on his account in 1 month and other one in 3 months. Worth a try though.

His youtube accounts.

I think its worse, the people who cant stand to turn their crap off for an hour one time out of the year.

I talked to him on msn a while ago and he has given up riding. Said he couldn’t get motivated enough.
Its a shame.

Looks like he’d rather die then unicycle then.

Bummer lol