Marine Mirault - Murderers

Here is my last vid.
I’m sorry about the quality of the vid, i’ll try to change it…

Awesome vid! keep it up!

that was awesome, nice 360 side spin, still cant do those :frowning:

That video was awesome! nice tricks and lines!

awesome, one of the best girl riders I’ve seen (besides doing freestyle).

wow, great vid!

really nice vid and tricks

but the song is already used before :roll_eyes:

NICE!!! The double wasn’t quite there but still awesome.

Marry me

Marine!! Awesome vid. I loved it. Especially the stillstands and the 540 unispin.


I will fly to france right now if you will marry me! :sunglasses:



C’était super!

Your LAST video??

Thx a lot for all your comments !!
It’s the last video I’ve made but not the last video I’ll make… :wink:


BAHAHAHAHA, was thinking that.

Very nice! Were you by any chance that girl at Unicon 2006 who was better than me at trials? :stuck_out_tongue:

No it wasn’t me at the Unicon 2006 ! I didn’t do unicycle yet :slight_smile: