Marge is for Sale!!

I am parting with my Surly 26" Muni. I broke my back (on my KH) and want to get a Coker. The Muni is like new, used about 6 times. Not even a scratch on the frame. Built as follows:

Surly Conundrum 26" frame
Large Marge Rim
DT spokes, professionally built
Profile hub/cranks 175cm
KH Seat, either Freeride or Fusion, your choice
Thomson seatpost
Sealed pedals, not sure brand
Duro 3" and Endomorf 4" tubes and tires included
Bitchin’ flames

I’ve got over a grand into this (similar 24" on UDC without Endomorf is $975)
I’ll take $700 or near offer. Magura brake (new) +$160


I know a guy locally selling his radial 36 deluxe. He asked for serious offers and for me to let him know. I have a local friend who may want it, but it’s not for sure yet. Jim, if my friend decides not to buy it, and it’s still available, you should jump on it and save the $65 shipping charge from UDC, plus get it for less. It is virtually unused.

I have a guy with a Coker.

Not a bad deal.

His user name is ‘bufo_boreas’ and lives in North Dakota.

Thanks for the tip, but I’d like to get the Nimbus or the new Coker when it comes out.


Has the world come down to this. :smiley:

I think/hope you mean mm :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s some BIG cranks! :smiley:

not really.

on a 30" tire they are fine. you wouldnt want anything shorter.

no, on there it says 175cm- now thats HUGE :smiley:

yea, it is… 1750mm, a little less than 70 inches(hope your inseam is big enough to ride this!)

on each pedal stroke your feet are around 11 feet apart-wow!

if you are 30 feet tall(or taller) then you can ride this thing(hmmmmmmmm)

Explain??? :thinking:

OOPS! How about 175mm, it’s a typo.

we know, we just like messing with you. :smiley:

Would you be willing to sell it minus the brake?

I’ll take the brake if csuko doesn’t want it.

I would be sell it with or without the brake. The Maguras are new and would be $160 additional. Don’t mind keeping them as I want to put them on a coker if I get one.

I would go for Vs or caliper brakes instead, they work better on 36ers

Yuppers! Maguras are such overkill on a coker it would be like wearing a Parka in 70 degree weather, or using a 1 wood driver on the putting green! :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly, but if you like to fly in the air off your coker, go for it :stuck_out_tongue:

I would disagree slightly, they are overkill but I don’t believe they actually decrease the overall result, as the items do in your analogies. Unlike the driver on the putting green they work perfectly well for their purpose, they’re just designed to do a whole lot more whihc isn’t required of them in this situation. Maybe taking a $500 titanium putter to the crazy golf would be a better analogy.