Marcus Hahn autumn ride

Marcus upload this short but amazing video. He is testing out his new unicycle within the mad4one hub. Enjoy!

watch: autumnride
get: autumnride.mp4

Insanity fro start to finish. Awesome work marcus!

Wow, really impressive stuff in there!

CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY! one handed quad = fav

How high is that sidehop? :open_mouth:
Amazing riding Marcus! wish I had ur skills!

I still can’t watch on UTV :angry: My computer sucks… is it going to be on Youtube or Vimeo?

Already there

Crazy!!! The riding was awesome! I wanted to see more trials though:p

Insane skills! Fark that high jump was HUGE, Quad crankfilp OMG

freaking nutso…such a huge side hop at the start…awesome flat combo, trials and flipss… cant wait to see a longer video with some awesome street lines :slight_smile:

you are so sick marcus ! nice video :wink: