Marcus Hahn - 2011


new video from me after a long winter here in sweden :

youtube link :

hope you like it!

Normally 5min movies get borring if they are not very good… But this didn’t get borring :smiley: Respect!

man, that was huge! really love your flat, nice video!

The step around thing you do after varial rolls is one of my favorite tricks, it looks so sick! The combos with 900s and outfifth were awesome too. Really the whole thing was crazy. It would have been helpful though if you had done something to make the number of flips more clear, like a little number in the corner or slowmo or something. :slight_smile:

You go big!

That glide was insane!

Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

vimeo link for those who can’t watch it on youtube :

Multi talent!Great unicycling, nice skate and the rail with Skis was big!

Riding was wicked! Love the flow.

Insane video, I liked the second song.
And outfifth was the most amazing I think.:slight_smile:

you need to true your wheel on the unicycle you were gliding on.