Marcus Hahn 114 cm Highjump

My new highjump record :

  • Marcus Hahn. :slight_smile:

What is your record over the bar?

You should join this: 120cm side hop competition

92 cm. I have not practice that so mutch :stuck_out_tongue:
Yhea I would like to be in the competition.


Niiice. It looks huuuuge

Wow! this is awsome. I think I’ll have to practice High Jump too, theres a lot of people over 100cm now, I want to be one of them! :stuck_out_tongue:

is there anything this boy cant do?

Good job. Makes me want to jump something higher than whatever I’ve been doing. :slight_smile:

Sha hahn det såg lätt ut du tar 118 snart!

you always say that lol.It looks huge because it is huge.Nice hop Marcus but let others catch up :stuck_out_tongue:

haha !

einfach: Schweinhafft!!!


nice style!

Do you have a different tire pressure for trials?


dang… that’s insane, if you stand next to it… are the pallets up to your armpits??

just throwin this out there… you probably have a record here, as far as the ratio of hop height to body height goes. (i still think all distance/height records should be recorded this way, but who am I to say that?)

I understand he rides what he likes. So do I. I just couldn’t imagine landing a 900 on a rock solid tire like his.