Marcus Hahn 110 cm !

Please leave a comment ! :wink:


I’m almost 15 and I’m stuck at 80cm.

Wow, your crazy.

I’m now 15, and am stuck at 72cm! :stuck_out_tongue:


very nice :slight_smile:
you should do much more trials than street(or flat)!!! :wink:

Thanks ! Yhaa, the next vid i will do there will be more trials :slight_smile:

Holy crap… That’s sick!!!

Amazing for age, and at all!!!

dude nice
I’mm 16 and cant even do 50cm lol

same lol
although im getting closer

I think i see you in the new world record sidejump on unicycle in some few years :slight_smile:

+1, but Max Shulze is still young…