Marcus Collings BUC vid comp entry

Thank you for all your great coments, apretiate it. (not yours chris and pele :p)

I havnt given up street, I still do it, often in and between trials lines though.
I dont ride as much street anymore and havnt realy learnt anything new because I enjoy trials more. No matter how much you whine I dont think I will go back to just riding street. I ride because I enjoy it, not just to please you :stuck_out_tongue:
Yea the clips with the white tyre are the newer ones. I havnt been able to ride as much as I would like but I have definatly goten alot better since my last vid.

Yea that video is so nice, I found it before and have watched it alot :o

My idea for this vid was actualy to mix in alot of street and stuff. It started well with the skinny to stand up ww but I sort of forgot and got caried away in the rest of it.

I didnt realy have alot of time to film.:stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, this video was so good.
Great stuff Marcus, all the lines were so clean.
You make me wanna go out and ride trials now.
Thank you for this masterpiece

Yeah, I don’t think anyone should ride a style which they don’t prefer.

Just know you were a good street rider and had a lot of potential :wink:

I watched that trials video about 2 weeks ago.Its so insane how he steps over the wheel while its spinning round on the edge of a ledge

I was thinking of you adding the street in the actual lines, not as in between filler. Eliminate correctional as much as possible and add lots of 180s, 360s and flips. Like jump SIF up a ledge from a skinny than an awesome crank flip variation off the ledge.

180 unispin gaps? They look awesome.

Fido’s big street movie where he 360’d off a square handrail was mad awesome.

Lol thats pure street :stuck_out_tongue:

So to register for the BUC you actually have to post a video so they can see if your good enough? Does this count for all national championships?

Great vid, Marcus! You’re getting better by the hour.

Hopefully I’ll be able to ride with you again someday.

lol no haha.Its just a video competition

lol What’s wrong with your avatar? Your wheel looks warped and your seat looks like it’s far from straight.

I put it up on youtube:

Thanks, yea come back to england, maybe for next BUC? I still need to sign your helmet :slight_smile:

Yea thats what I was wanting to do with this vid. Its looking dryer after today, il see if I get out and film a little something.

Thanks man, yea get out and ride, sounds like you havnt been doing it enough lately?

Oh yea, one more thing, I ment to take that 97cm out, that was from ages ago and is far from my biggest, 100cm comes easy now, when the weather dries up and my backs feeling better, I need to go out and see what I can hit.