Marcus Collings BUC vid comp entry

Uh heres a quick vid, nothing special, Quite abit of it is pretty old, some of its even older. I was pretty rushed to finish it so the editing isnt great and there are a few filler clips.

Well there are all the excuses, heres the vid, hope you enjoy it.

Youtube coming soon…

That was a magnificent vid!

Very enjoyable. Some really difficult stuff in there.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

How did you watch and coment so fast :astonished:

I Was just about to post but i kept messaging people on facebook :slight_smile: Congrats.

i sadly dont know how to fave a vid on vimeo… AWESOME.

Cool! Awesome lines too.

once it was over, I made a comment. haha.

You gave up street for this… :’(

I think the older clips were better then a lot of the new clips. New clips with the white tyre?

What are you trying to say Chris?

I really enjoyed this.

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Yeah, I don’t see why you don’t do street anymore. You were pretty good at it.

To be quite honest, I didn’t really like the music, and trials in general kinda bores me…

Although this vid showed a whole lot of skill, I didn’t quite like it.

Nice. Stick to trials.

Yeh dont listen to Chris :stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was awesome.
I didnt really like the music though

Bah. Me and Pele ride street so our comments shouldn’t be surprising. Marcus was a “up-n-coming” learning faster then most street rider. I don’t know how much your riding these days Marcus, but I think your last trials video was better then this one.

The static five stair was well done, congratz. The music went well with the riding.

i liked it. all the lines were really clean. good job.:slight_smile:

More entertaining than most trials vids. I still reckon you should’ve stuck to street though.

I’m a trials rider and I think you should ride more street even
You were getting way good at street way fast
Your trials riding is also pretty darn good but you should should find some more time for your street I think
But, hey, ride how which ever way you have the most fun

I personally don’t think your trials riding looks as smooth and flowy as your street riding, but they’re both up there.

If you integrated your street into your trials, you could make a really unique style.

Check this out:

That is so pro…