March of VanUni

March of VanUni: rides from Fromme, SFU, Coker and Joyce Street

Joyce we got Ashleigh, cute reporter, onto a unicycle.
Fromme we were up to our knees in snow.
SFU - James G is back, and took us on a tour of campus favorites
Coker, AnSo got her uni back!


I love the Vanuni vids. It looks like you lot have so much fun!
Weird music though.


Sorry, couldn’t get down to the gamer music. Great footage tho.

he works for EB games, so i think it came naturally haha. Nice vid frank, you comin out this weekend?

some crazy tribal music. looks like fun though.

Nice footage of ladies only, and good stuff of Bry, eh? Lookin’ good man!

ah man! music was AMAZING!

The snow at Ladies Only was ridiculously deep! Up to our knees in places. Even really steep parts we couldnt ride more than a couple feet. It was hard to spot the trail, and we’d get short rides on bridges. After about a kilometer it thined out enough.

Thats EA, not EB :slight_smile:
Yes, I should be in for a ride. Sunday?

The unicycle at the end is AnSo’s recovered coker.

I started with 40 minutes of source footage and ended up with a 2 min 28 seconds. Usually I edit with a 5:1 ratio.

Ashleigh… the one laughing at the beginning got a good photo of Bry and wrote an article.

We asked her why she was doing the article and she said her boss had seen a lot of unicyclists around lately and wondered whats going on in the vancouver unicycling scene. I told her she should really interview someone with more experience, like Justin, but at least she got a good quote from Bry, who says he got into unicycling for the women :slight_smile:

great! thanks for posting these videos… I’m always on the lookout for the latest vanuni vid.