[March 10/11 2007] Waterloo Unicycle Weekend

Hello everyone,

It looks like to me that Toque will once again be cancelled. Last year at the Waterloo Juggling Festival, we put together a little trials comp/joy ride. The organizer of the UW juggling festival has informed me that I can organize a unicycle competition and other unicycle related events in the festival’s time frame. You can think of this as an alternative to TOque, but the competition will be informal and consist of natural trials. The University of Waterloo campus has a lot of good places to do trials.

I know a lot of people were looking forward to meeting other unicyclists at toque. This is a good chance for people to come and meet other riders.

The Juggling Festival is taking place on March 10/11 2007 at the University of Waterloo: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This is a one hour drive from Toronto.

Housing arrangements might be possible depending on the number of people attending.

I have 10 plus people confirmed as of now. If we get more people we can organize more events. As of right now the competition is free. If we get 20 or more people I might charge $10 per person, and raffle off a prize or two.

If you are interested in competing please e-mail me and get on my mailing list: unibudd@gmail.com

Keep on riding,
-Budd White