March '09


I’m on Spring Break so I’ve got a bunch of new footage this week. This is why it’s already done. Please leave a comment or two. Also, watch in vimeo, not youtube. The sound in both is sorta messed up though.

wow!!:smiley: great vid!!:smiley: cool editing too!

your much better than i thought nice video!

Sidehops lookin good.

woaaaah your sooooo much better than in your last vid.Improving super fast,nice work man :sunglasses:

You are loads better now:)

In one month you pretty much doubled in skill. You’re progressing super fast, man. Keep it up.

Favorite parts were the Standup glide, the massive gap at the very end, and the almost doubleflip. You’re close:)

Hey! Nice Video! Your sidehops and rolling hops are getting really good and your cranks flips are very smooth. I am looking forward to more videos from you.

cool video:D

You have been riding a lot by the looks of this vid. Good stuff.
Not to nag … but your are nuts to not be wearing some headgear with all those big tricks…
But, ride your own ride!

Cool video, i likked the side hops!

Keep it up!

very nice

After watching this vid, I realized you were catching up to me so I went outside and almost landed my first double on flat. Thanks for the inspiration :). Whenever someone who used to be not as good, starts gaining on me, I need to ride.

You’re getting good dude. Seriously. Just commit to that double, and you got it.

Wow… A lot better than me at trials… Improving so fast!

Edit: Shame on you for crank grabing! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering who’d say that. I hate crankgrabbing. It’s a cheap way to make hard lines easier, but I was frustrated I couldn’t get the jump. (the next clip)

Thanks for the comments guys.

edit: and gals

really enjoyable editing and riding;) you got good!
keep it up!

I just realized, although I’ve been able to ride for 2+ years, it’s been 1 year since I got into trials. (1 year since I’ve had my trials unicycle.)

Get a helmet. Trials riders look better in them any way.

Great improvement.

Nice video, man!

I still would like to ride with you, too bad you had to have fun skiing rather than hanging out with me :slight_smile:

But it was probably for the better, my friend bent the axle on my other uni, and he taco’ed his wheel. So basically, I haven’t ridden since that weekend we were going to ride together, mainly because it’s not fun to unicycle by myself (that’s just me, I like having somebody to ride with, to make competitions out of things) So instead, I’ve been BC wheeling a helluvalot, as well as some slacklining recently.

Basically, I’ve made no progress, and you’ve made tons!

Also, excellent song choice. I think that is one of my top 5 favorite songs by Beck.

Awesome video, dude, definitely inspiring me to get better. I’ve been progressing pretty slowly ever since I started, but your riding reminds me of my own in your whole flair and style, just in a more advanced way, if that makes sense.

Also, great song choice.