March '04 Kidderminster unimeet videos

I’ve uploaded two videos from the March '04 Kidderminster unimeet. Will jumping a gap and some games.

They are encoded with XviD (see John Childs good explanation of XviD if you need to )

Cheers, Gary

oh its not fair they dont work and i dont understand how to get Xvid encoding to play on my pc, why cant everybody just use the same encoding making life hard for those of us who dont understand much about this kinda stuff

You are not alone.

Basically XviD, DivX, WMV, Quicktime, 3ivx plus others are all forms of MPEG-4. Theoretically they should all be able to play each others encoded files but often they don’t, or at least not properly. I usually stick to XviD (its free) but sometimes use DivX.

The XviD codec can be downloaded the latest free from this link

The codec that is supposed to be taking over is H.263 (catchy name eh) just to complicate an already complicated situation.

cheers unicus, tho that link didnt work (took me to a page and said i was leeching thier bandwidth) I found the file, still have no clue as to all this format malarky but the videos work so im a happy bunny.