I ran the Honolulu marathon twice in my younger days. There were a lot of hills (volcanoes) in that one. I get tired riding less than a mile on my 20-inch UNI. I cannot imagine doing 26 miles on that size. Sounds worse/harder than running it.

Horn Installation

Hey All,

Quick question. Trying to install a horn on my unicycle but it’s a bit difficult since, as you all know, there are no handle bars.

I was thinking about something close to the seat that could be activated if I clench my butt cheeks together real hard.

I just want to let the pedestrians know that I am about to tear through their world on my sick ass Unicycle.

One Wheel Fo’ Lyfe.

I don’t know if you’re a troll, trying to funny or what. But as “we all know” unicycles can have handle bars, especially for the long distance riders… :roll_eyes:

I vote for troll… could be that guy that hates polls having split personalities.

first step made: yesterday I bought a nimbus 29" with KH freeride saddle, KH adjustable seatpost, 125 qu-ax cranks. I hope it arrives here in 10-15 days. Then… just training!!!

Just eat beans before you ride.

Unfortunately that might speed them up. They don’t want to get behind you if they hear that sound coming… LOL