Marathon in brasil

Hi everyone.

Last sunday I finished my 10th marathon. And for the first time I was officially allowed to ride with my unicycle in a regular runners event in brasil.

It was great, the weather was perfect, around 18ºC. The pavement in São Paulo is terrible, so it was quite bumpy.

My finishing time was 02:24:18, with a KH 36", 114mm cranks, no gear.

Looking forward to ride with some of you on another unicycle marathon soon.

regards from brasil!!

Congratulations, that’s pretty fast! My best Marathon time was around 2:12 I think, on an ungeared 36" with 102s (and few hills). That was a month or two after Ride the Lobster, a bit stage race that we had done tons of training for. :slight_smile:

thanks, john. my best time was 1:56 at montreal, and I used to train a lot for the marathons. Now I’m much more relaxed, having more fun in life. And still training hard, doing pilates, but less than before. For that specific race I rode not more than 50 km in 3 different rides. So I’m really happy with that time, and there were lots of uphills during the race.