manufacturing defect

I tried everything you all recommended to get my cark arms to stay tightened on
my Semcycle XL. Nothing worked. It got to be so bad that after about 15’ the
dern left crank would be wobbling again. I’ve talked to numerous other Sem
owners with the same problem. Here’s what I found: The bolt is actually
manufactured improperly so when you take it out of the arm shaft it even wobbles
on the nut. No ammount of tightening, pounding, or glue will keep it from
working it’s way loose again. I took my uni back to the Juggling Capitol where I
bought it. The nice folks there called Sem who said it’s not supposed to do that
and is a manufacturing defect. They kindly replaced everything but my scuffed
seat and sent it all back. I haven’t had crak arm problems since. If you own an
XL with ever loose cranks I strongly suggest you take it back to whence it came.

Gwynneth McLean, VA

.sig is still out playing with our 13" tall corgies in the 24" of snow on
the ground…