manual or whateva

are there some tips u can give me learning this trick. how long did u learned this trick. can u make a normal distance without pedaling and i mean much faster than just riding in a common way. im just pissed off that unis arent fast and it gives me depression and i thought that unicycle is a useless thing just for fun, but sometimes i want to make some distance and more faster than average.
PS my unis dead so dont tell me that i have to try myself to know how is it.


Do you mean gliding?

i guess so. i dont know the names of them

err…I don’t know what a manual is on a unicycle. on a skateboard it’s riding only on the back two wheels. clearly that’s undoable on a uni. could you explain what you’re trying to do?

and if you want speed, either get a coker or a bike. unicycles really are not very fast, at all, so that’s not often what they’re used for.

Skateboarding manuals are done on the back two or front two wheels, thus nose and tail manuals.

Yes, Sneaker is talking about gliding or coasting; any way to let the wheel spin without pedalling.

Sneaker, unless you are already really good at unicycling, ie. you can wheel walk, etc., then you can’t do either of them. The only way to be able to do such difficult skills is to practice a lot so that you are able to do all of the level 1-6 skills. Then try for the harder ones. Gliding and coasting aren’t tricks that you just jump on your unicycle and do. If you search the forum, you’ll find that the traditional progression of skills is this:

Riding > 1 Foot Riding > Wheel Walking > 1 Foot Wheel Walking > Gliding > Coasting

what is coasting? pics maybe? well i can wheel walk, but my uni doesnt have those angular sides. only thing i can do is put some ducttape so my foot doesnt slip off. i should buy a new frame soon.

Is your uni a sun? savage? cyclepro? What does it say on the side of the frame? If it is anyone of those beginner unis, I think at this point you should upgrade. When you can wheelwalk, that splits you apart from the “casual” riders, so you should definitely upgrade to a Nimbus X (my pride and joy) or a Semcycle, or a Torker LX.


Very much so. but, on the other hand, wheelwalking IS a skill that takes some time and effort to master, so tyler is making a (somewhat) valid point.

I’m sorry but I dislike it when people relate skate boarding (or other extreme sports) terms to unicycling.

Since the guy is from Latvia, or at least claims to be, you should make allowances for how difficult it is to find the correct English terminology.

For videos of gliding and coasting, look here. Gliding is a fairly hard skill, but coasting seems to take forever to master. I have been practicing it for almost a year now, and while I can go a very good distance most of the time, I still am hesitant to say I have mastered it. Gliding can sometimes be of practical use to make hills faster, but you have to be very good at it first. Coasting is so hard that it’s difficult to conceive of anyone incorporating it into their riding to get from one place to another faster. Given your unicycle’s sloped crown, you should definitely upgrade soon if you plan to do much freestyle riding.

There is the option of training a dog to pull you while you glide. Put the dog in a harness. Train it well. Then hang on for the ride. :slight_smile:

BULLSH*T!!! One particular skill does not make a unicyclist, nor does skill dictate one’s equipment upgrades. George Peck rode the hell out of an old piece of Schwinn, would you have told him it’s time to upgrade?

I fart in your general direction… and Tyler’s too.

Don’t confuse the skill of wheelwalking with the need to upgrade your unicycle…doubt they’re much related unless your current uni doesn’t have a wheel. And there are many things beyond wheelwalking that can split someone apart from the “casual” riders. All depends on what you’re into focusing on.

I hope I learn to wheelwalk someday, but for sure it won’t be before I hit my first metric century or get to Colorado to bag a few of those 10K+ passes that Aspenmike so regularly notches on his seatpost.

I have to agree with Maestro8 here (even through he’s not very humble in his expression). Both my friend and I rode trainer unicycles for about two years before upgrading. And when we did get new unis, our old ones were totally worn out. The hub of my unicycle was slipping against the plastic rim, the thread of one crank was worn out, the saddle was missing a few screws, etc. But having crappy unicycles didn’t stop us from learning a lot with them, round fork or not.

While a flat crown fork is preferred, you can still ride one-footed even if you don’t have that frame: just ride with the other leg extended. Same with one-footed wheel walking. If you find that’s not good enough, put some skateboard grip-tape on the fork.

I’m always weirded out seeing kids who just learned to ride and freemount getting top of the line Kris Holm munis, there’s just no need for it. Like in another thread here, where a kid who couldn’t hop was getting a trials. Like you couldn’t learn to hop, and even do some small drops on a trainer?

I think what’s best with unicycling, unlike some other sports is that you can get some of the best equipment for relatively little money. You can get a very good trials uni for a few hundred bucks, unlike two-wheeled trial where you’d have to shell out a lot more. The advantages lie in the simplicity, and that’s also mirrored in the riding. If you damage a crank or pedal, some of us won’t put down the uni until we can replace it, but instead ride with just one-foot. Both pedals broken? Wheel walk. And so forth. Upgrade when you feel the need to, flashy equipment isn’t what makes you. </rant/uni philosophy>

I was saying not that wheelwalking/gliding are impossible on a trainer, but that they are harder, which is, as far as I can tell, a generally accepted fact. Tyler had a point there. whether the guy should get a new uni is entirely up to him, his budget, etc.

I very much agree with the fact that people who can’t really ride shouldn’t get expensive unis. I did my first MUni weekend on a 26" sun, I know how that is. I learned to one foot on a sloped crown uni. It was harder, but I did it anyway.

I think the future of unicycling lies in companies like qu-ax, which make unicycles that, while not top of the line or incredibly strong, won’t break. These are available for relatively cheap, and are really great for the price. One of my freinds wants to get into MUni. He’s not that good at riding, but I’m glad he got a qu-ax. It beats his torker for sure, and he is improving because of it, mainly because of the wide tire. However, I think that he will be using/needing his splined cranks soon enough.

I agree about your post except for that cr*p about humility. I eat humble pie breakfast lunch and dinner, I’m just passionate when I post :smiley:

As for the rest, hells yeah! I thought a broken axle was a bad thing… until I learned how to one-foot mount and ride!

I still disagree about Tyler having a point. You never addressed my question, Fuego, would you tell Peck to upgrade simply ‘cause he’s rockin’ out on a Schwinn? I think not. And I know plenty of riders who are serious about the sport yet aren’t able to WW… take a show of hands at the next MUni weekend you’re at if you doubt this… the kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

P*ss off, the whole lot of you! How’s that for humble? :stuck_out_tongue: