I’m just wondering if theres anyone here thats from Manitoba well perferably brandon because i only know one person that unicycles here and hes not all really into it more so the biking and it would be nice if someone else uni’s around here. :thinking:

I know two guys from Brandon who Uni. One is in Winnipeg visiting his parents for christmas and the other is in Brandon. We street quite a bit and they are fairly godd. The only problem is that they both live and go to school full time in Kingston Ontario. I could have them let you know when they will be in town and maybe you guys could all hook up and ride!!!

ok cool thanks but if they come u can tell them that im not that good right now im pretty good at ridding like im not falling of its really consistant but im just getting started on t ricks and stuff cuz ive only been riding for about 2 months (started in LATE october) and i couldnt ride to much for awhile cuz of the snow but it hasent snowed for awhile so im trying to ride down stairs (i can do a pretty steep 2ft 3 case so far) and ive also tried rolling hop down it witch i can sometimes stick.