Manifesto Trials Riders?

Has anyone been working on the manifesto:

I’ve been working on doing trials with the flow of street during the past few weeks. It takes alot more concentration but I think it looks a whole lot smoother.

In alot of the videos on the forum the trials riding looks like (bounce X 20) big bounce (bounce X 15) etc!

I think all the riders are working on reducing the little hops, but are people working on getting rid of them all? Just ride, one pre-hop and hop (repeat as necessary)

I like to think of it as still-stand practice… doing still-stands before each pre-hop, and landing in still-stands… although sometimes I need a couple hops to prepare for my still-stands. That’s one skill I’m looking to hone at this point.

Mounting into a still-stand is another skill I’m practicing. Kris Holm does this when he mounts on rails / skinnies. It’s a lot harder than it looks… for some reason I have problem with still-standing for even a fraction of a second on a rail. I think it’s largely a mental block, as I haven’t as much of a hard time still-standing on the wide side of a 2x4…

I agree that trials looks much nicer / flowy if one eliminates the “pogo-stick” effect, hopping 1,000 times between each move. I tend to turn off videos that look like pogo-stick trials after the first 15 seconds…

im working on it getting rid of my set up hops. Alot of times now, ill just still stand in place (3-4 seconds, so i still take about as much time as i would hopping) instead of bounce. My sif still stands have improved alot.

I do little still stands all the time, but I’m too lazy to try to get rid of ALL setup hops when I’m just riding around most of the time. Sometimes I’ll take a relativly easy line and work to do it without any set up hops and stuff. But normally I don’t worry much about some extra hops.

i have been trying to completley eliminate all pre hops when i ride. it just looks so much better, and it feels alot better. it has helped me tons with riding on skinnies, i used to feel like i had to bounce when i got on the rail. but practicing jumping from standstill to standstill has helped.
but mostly, it just looks loads better.

:smiley: I like to see others thinking in this direction. Right on my brothas!

I must admit, my riding buddy jake was the first to go pre-hop-less. It looked so sweet i had to do it for myself. Now that ive got it dialed in a bit more, i feel much more accurate and i also conserve energy! Sweet deal!

I have been practicing this, never knew it was called Manifesto, I always knew it as comon sense.

Today, I was able to clear a line, with no pre hops, rode up to the first pallet, jumped on, gapped to a 3 stack of pallets, gapped to another pallet, then gapped over to the top of a wall, rode alone, jumped on the edge of another pallet that was edged onto the wall, then rode down it.

It was an easy line, but making it clean made it look very impressive.

muzzle /. manifesto

Manifesto: makes trials much easier! you may not realise until you begin to practise this technique, but it gives you awesome stability and you can comlete lines you never could before. natural trials especially are of beniefit due to the sloped or uneven surface you may be landing or launching from. a pre/setup hop will almost always throw you off the object and you will fail, eliminating this will allow you to have more control.
Yes, its more sexy too.

I agree with the person above saying its like common sense. This is also the same stuff that Zack Baldwin and Ryan Atkins do and propose for their riding styles.

This does make lines easier I admit, once you get used to it, because each move is a setup for the next, all in a flow. Prehops and correction hops break the flow, making it harder and loses momentum.

It’s so easy to adapt to this style on a uni, but shittingly hard on a trials bike, no wonder Mr.Leech had to make a DVD about it.

Yeah…I agree the Manifesto style looks alot better but i havent been practicing it as much as i should be. Ill put that on my long “Things to do this Summer” list.

Yeah, I take the manifesto. Well, at least I try to keep my set-up/correctional hops to a bare minimal.

I think some of you guys are getting set-up/correctional hops confused with pre-hops. How can you become an awesome trials rider without the use of pre-hops? I wouldn’t be able to hop as high as I do without the use of a pre-hop (unless I was riding seat-in and doing a huge ass roll-hop…but that’s not really a trials technique since it takes a large amount of room to execute).

I think that manifesto riding is not just about practicing stillstands. What else helps just as much–I feel–is mental control. What I mean by that is to be confortable and confident with what you’re doing. I notice that if I keep relaxed yet focused on a ride–telling myself over and over “You CAN do this.”–my lines seem to flow faster and smoother, because my sense of timing feels more in control. Not to mention, it conserves energy for and during some of the bigger moves that I may do on a ride.

The MOST important thing is to have fun, and enjoy the challenges of getting better, because like someone else said, it opens up a whole world of trials riding.

AMEN! haha. overcoming mental blocks, or avoiding them all together has helped me tremendously. KNOWING that you are going to do something will ensure that you will land it(within reason).
I learned to overcome mental blocks when i box, and i boxed loads better after my coach helped me to overcome my doubts and things like that.
When i applied that to unicycling i rode so much better.

Anyways, just be confident in yourself. I have found it helps to sing a song that pumps you up over and over in your head. For me it’s Andrew WK Ready to die.
I have found it helps me to focus.

Well, it seems to me that if I’m relaxed, having fun, and confident I corrective/set-up hop a lot less, and I feel more in control when I do so.

yea…i’ve been trying it and and i like it and it seems alot smoother but i still use prehops

The only reason you see trials videos with a bunch of hoppity hops is that they are instinctive when you are nervous our in at or over your head. People post videos of the trials lines that they struggle with, not the ones they consider a piece of cake. Thus, you see an inordinate number of hoppities. Ryan Atkins had a recent-ish video where he aired onto a ~38" post and was hopping like mad. Can any of you say that the first thing on your mind in that situation would be “eliminate the hops!”?

I don’t consciously try to eliminate hops, it just happens. When I mount a rail, I don’t know why, but I instinctively stillstand for a good 10-30 seconds. I see no reason to obsess over setup hops. Have fun, make the line, and improve. If you did that, then why agonize over the nuber of hops. It will improve as the rest of your riding does.

To fill some of y’all in, “manifesto” comes from the bike trials video Manifesto where Ryan Leech eliminated setup hops for his riding.

You should still be using pre-hops, we need those to compress our tires to get the extra inches we need, though sometimes I dont pre-hop, I just compress and go, but either way we have to compress to get to the higher objects.

The main thing to decrease on is the set-up, corrective hops.

I’ve eliminated all setup hops from my riding in the last month or so…

Yeah! go petey