Manchester to Liverpool bike ride

I was thinking about doing the Liverpool to Manchester as part of my training for the Manchester to Blackpool ride in July. It’s on June the 10th. Anyone fancy unicycling it with me?

I’m tempted. Very tempted.

The day before is the hockey tournament in London though, so getting up to Manchester for the following morning would be fairly hard. However… I know that there’s an EMU team going up to Manchester to play on the 9th, so maybe it will all work out well…

Ask me again in a couple of weeks. I’ll have made my mind up by then :smiley:


If I’m not busy that weekend I’ll do it. Nothing’s ringing bells with me for that weekend but I’ll have to check. I’ll see if I can rope Pete into it too.

What date’s the Manchester - Blackpool?

the Manchester to Blackpool is on the 8th of July.

Argh. That means the most fun road unicycle event of the year is the same date the most impressive thing in cycling happens in London - the first mass start of the Tour de France. What cruel fate is this?


And there could be something for unicyclists happening as part of le Tour too…

… but it won’t be the London to Canterbury ride. I emailed the organisers when it was announced at the beginging of March and got the following reply;


I have booked for me and my grandad. Numbers came today.

I am aiming to getto the start line and leave at 8am