Manchester to Blackpool, UK (60 mile ride) - Sunday 8th July

As usual, myself and a few others will be doing the annual bike ride from Manchester city centre to Blackpool on Sunday 8th July.

If there are any budding distance riders out there also thinking of doing this ride, then you’re more than welcome to join us. This is the North West’s biggest bike ride with about 4500 bikes riding the 60 mile route. Please note though that this sort of distance is a long way on the one wheel, so please make sure that you’re physically up for it.

You’ll need a 36" uni or a geared 29" for this ride. The longest cranks that our group will be using will be 125’s. My wife Wendy and the kids will be supporting in the van as usual. i.e. at 20 miles, 40 miles and at the finish at 60 miles. She’s more than happy to supply food and drinks to all that join us, but obviously can not be in two places at the same time. As long as you can maintain an 11mph average, then you’ll have no problem keeping up.

Here’s the link to register
This can be done on-line.

The start in Manchester has been moved slightly to the Outdoor events arena at Castlefield. Details are on the website. The entry fee is £13. We’ll be at the start at 7.30 on the Sunday morning for all those who are coming along.


I had every intention of coming but was becoming very stressed that I wasn’t getting enough practice distances in. So I decided that I’d concentrate on enjoying unicycling instead and think about doing it next year.

Oh well.

It’s a ride that we do each year, so I’ll look forward to seeing you at the start next year then.

Hope you can make it to the hockey in July.