Manchester ride?

Whos up for a manchester ride?
I was thinking saterday the 26th?

Which would be the same time that the first nuts was held last year.

Maybe its abit short notice, But who would be up for it, id really like to have a decent ride in manchester as ive never had the chance yet!

I was thinking we could go to projekts mcr skatepark under mancurian way too, as i heard people went there as part of one of the nuts meetings.
(entry is only £2)

Whos up for it then?

i might be there, i will have to talk to my parents about it and i will also have to see who else is going first because im not travelling quite far if there is only going to be like 3 people there. I’ll tell some people about it and see if they want to come.

Bumping this because more people need to see this and come to it. I probably wont be able to come if there arn’t many people coming. So come and ride people!