Manchester ride

Who wants to go for a ride in mnchester on 21st of july? just to get to meet new people and stuff.

cheers matt.

I shall be there with Ike.I shall get in touch with Kit see if he’s free/recovered from FLUCK.he may be up for it.


hay man ill be up for it.

bye bye

Aw, I’m still on holiday then :frowning: I come back they day after.

could easily move it to sunday if preffered, so long as others can still make it!


Damn, I’ve just realised…I don’t come back for another week after that :frowning:

unfortunatly thats the same day as unicycle hockey at denton

What about the sunday then? like joe said?

sorry i cant do that day either i have a show to perform at the vilage funday. i can do the weekend after ??? or a week day ??


Hmm i dunno, but this summer i think i might be down york at my uncles for abit, maybe we could meet up , i carnt remebr where aobut he lives i thnks poclington or somthing not sure…

I should be in guys if it is on the 21st I think i’m safe and I will be on school holidays from 20th untill like the 11th august when I am going to Scotland doing some muni, so i should be in. I’ll try and get some more people in like Joe said Kit and Pete, and James maybe should come. Found a pretty mint spot in manchester at Nuits so should deffo hit that.

Matt =]

Cool! Whats the spot? and also are there any other spots which were good? Add me on msn if you wish Matti_marron(at)hotmail(dot)com

I’m away at a festival for that Iøm afraid.

Crazy Danish keyboards are odd to type with.

Also that’s the day of Denton hockey tournament so some manchester people may be at that.

Fraid i can’t make this one. I got a show to do on that day, but i should make it to another one if we meet up again.


Mayb we should leave it to another time? i know quitew a few peeps carnt make it , so what ever suits you guys. But if theres still enough interest im up for it lol

well me and Ike are up for it still.I’ve not riden in ages and ive got withdrawl so i’m in.

so thats:


anybody else?


Well maybe not dale as hes got other things i think.

i cant do it its my mums birthday

bye bye

How about the sunday?