Manchester Hockey Tournament - Results and Team Photos

A massive thanks to everyone for making last Saturdays tournament such a big success. The 2 minute turn-round worked perfectly and so enabled us to play some extra hockey at the end.

Also a big thank you to all the DUCettes for helping raise some much needed cash for our club by selling cakes, crisps and drinks throughout the afternoon.

A comprehensive set of results will follow soon, but for now I’ve included teams photos. The players names don’t relate to the order they are on the team photos - just in case someone picks me up on that one.

The DUC team photographer was on hand to take many photos (120 in the end) throughout the afternoon - Thanks Trevor. If the team captains could PM me their postal address, then I’ll send a copy of all the photos.

We will be holding more team events like last Saturdays, but the next event will be a scratch tournament - no date yet though.

The LUnis
Jonny Molloy
Bruce Dawson
Maria Dawson
Paul Royle
Keith Griffiths
Jonathan Marshall

Steve Colligan
Mark Wiggins
Stuart Taylor
Jack Taylor
Ben Taylor
Lee Starkie

The EMUs
Andy Parry
Roger Light
James Prince
Gary Halford
Roland Sutton
Gary Kelsall

Joe Croisdale
Liv Morley
Matt Wood
Tom Hartley
Charlie Wood

Roger Davies
Paul Tasker
Steve Devereux
John Baxter
Joe Baxter
Paul Stacy

HuHas (Horsham)
Chris Baker
Jak Anderson
Gus Manley
Mark Knowlson
Oliver Knowlson
Ashley Knowlson

Russell Wells
William Williams
Cal Blackburn
Miles Darby
Edward Lane
Liam McNally
Joel Payne

The Severn Wheelers
Richard Loxley
Danny Colyer
Julian Kirby
Simon Ablett
Jamie Fletcher








Severn Wheelers.jpg

Incidentally, the photos I will be sending are digital and will be on disc.



Thanks for a great tournament.

There hasn’t been anything quite so competitive in the UK for a long time and I think a good time was had by all. Hopefully this will be the start of lots more similar events.


Looks like a great turnout hopefully all will be in attendance at BUC

Results of the 28 games. All 8 teams played each other with a total of 166 goals scored. It certainly wasn’t boring.

League table for the tournament.

Individual stats for each team.

Looking forward to more hockey soon.

Steve & Stu :smiley:

Hockey1 10 Mar 2007.pdf (31.9 KB)

Hockey2 10 Mar 2007.pdf (24.4 KB)

Hockey3 10 Mar 2007.pdf (24.3 KB)

Matt (Tholthorpe) and Danny (The Severn Wheelers) - the disc is in the post.


Thanks very much Steve, looking forward to reveiving them!!


Got it, thanks, although I was initially confused by the envelope appearing to be addressed in my mum’s handwriting.

There are some great pictures there. I’m not sure I like “10-03-07 011.jpg”, though, which not only shows me that I have even less hair left atop my head than I thought, but appears to have been taken just after I let in a goal!