manchester area?

anyone in the manchester area looking to perform at illuminaughty a psytrance night at the ritz in manchester march 7th!!?!? if yes then your in luck! there will be free drinks all night! it starts at 10pm-6am you wont be required to cycle all night just for a couple of hours then you can enjoy the night! if your intrested then please let me know a.s.a.p!

nice one guys!

This looks like one for Pete or Klitoris. They are our resident party animals :slight_smile:

Allo there, I’d have loved to have done this but I’ve just moved to Brighton.

However, as Edd rightly says Pete could well be your man.

His e-mail address is tell him I gave you his e-mail.

I take it therell be an age limit?

That sounds like a laugh, unfortunately my muni isn’t suitable for indoor riding, and I’m not skilled enough to perform yet!