Unicycle trials competition September 4th-6th
the trials should be from 12noon-4pm on saturday the 5th. come for the whole time as there will be group rides. ask me questions here for more information.
all uni trials skill levels welcome. from beginner to pro unicycle classes.
near the Upper lodge of the Mammoth ski resort in California!
More information coming soon in a couple days so hold the questions till then. thanks,

I’ll try to go. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to go to this unlike what happened with NATS where my dad changed his mind the night before.

sweet!! i was actually just in mammoth last weekend for biking. i really want to come back. me and crazy joe might carpool. I’ll check my schedual and talk to my mom about taking me. I will have to borrow my friends uni cuz my frame snapped in 1/2.

I was there about a year ago and took the lift to the top and rode down! It’s also the place I suffered one of my most painful upd’s! I only wish I had thought of my uni-cable-cam system back then; there’s so many awesome trees to set up shots! :smiley:

:angry: Wish i was in America for another week so i could go to this

Are you still in SoCal? We could do our own little ride!

Yeh im still here with Joe in Kingsburg.But im up for a ride

Looks amazing, but I know I can’t make it!

crazyjoe. your welcome to ride with us now at my house. stay a couple days, take the train and a sleeping bag. pm for my phone number.
more information coming soon about the comp. I need to sit and have a convo with the promoter about rules etc. I will set up the rules exactly like bike trials. one foot down=one point. hand down= five points.
points are bad and the maximum points on a single section is 5.

just like i said before there is skill classes for EVERYONE. Muni riders will have a great time here competing and going on fun rides before and after the competition
talk soon,

lets make this bigger than CMW. Maybe someone could take up the task of organizing a bunch of mountain unicycle rides up at MAMMOTH ski resort before and after the comp.

i am pretty sure i am going. i talked to my mom about it and she wants to go.

excuse my thread jack but where is CMW this year?

Downieville/Tahoe. The thread is here.

Wow I fail sooo hard… I live in Tahoe, Kyle (Lloyd’s son) is one of my best friends, and they live 15 minutes walk from my house. I had no idea CMW was gonna be hosted in my backyard :o:o:o!!! Going to Europe for 5 weeks put me out of the loop.

Yeah 5 weeks in Europe might do that to you and I guess this means I’ll see you at CMW! And maybe at the Mammoth trials comp???

Mammoth Mtn.(August 5, 2009) – Southridge USA is proud to announce the addition of “Old School” trials competition to the upcoming Mammoth Mtn. Returns event September 3-6. This time with a unicyle trials.

In keeping with bringing MTB competitions back to Mammoth Mtn. after a multi year hiatus, Don Jackson of Southridge USA thought it was important to include the fan friendly trials competitions just like it was many years ago. Donny has teamed up with J.P. Sickler, a long time trials promoter to set up the competition the way it was in the past, right there in front of the main lodge. There will be Pro and non pro classis. No trials specific bike is required.

“Part of the magic of Mammoth was having all the different disciplines all going on right in front of the crowds up at the main lodge area and not having the trials competition going on would be something that would be sorely missed.” - Donny Jackson

Mammoth Mountain has a long history of hosting world-class mountain bike events dating back to the 1989 World Mountain Bike Championship. The last competitive mountain biking race held at Mammoth Mountain was the 2005 U.S. Mountain Bike National Championships.

For more information, visit or contact Don Jackson at (951)361-0149 or For more information on Mammoth, visit or call 800-MAMMOTH (800)626-6684.

Event Sat. 12 noon to 4pm this includes uni trials.
10 & under Kids Class $10. special or free
Beg Trials
Sport Trials
Exp/Pro Trials 20"
Exp/Pro Trials 26"
Mtn Bike “Joe Public” Class ( old style Mtn Bike, Non-Trials )
Mtn Bike Exp Open ( old style Mtn Bike, Non-Trials )

im there!


email or pm me for my cell number if ur coming and need a contact to stay with the group.

im lookin into goin, anyone wanna carpool (other than Jarin lol) Im So cal, goin all the fuggin way up North for this haha