MAMIL's on Unicycles

MAMIL = Middle-Aged Men in Lycra.

Unicycles count too, although mine is more stock than “Tricked out.”
I know there are a lot of 45+, 55+ riders here.
Most of my friends my age have bikes now that cost more than most cars.

How’s your Mid-life crisis going?
Is the unicycle your Ferrari?
Instead of dating 20 year old girls are you instead riding a 20" wheel?
is it OK to wear lycra after 30?


Staying young one UPD at a time…

I’m 55 and just today I was explaining to a bicyclist (I was wearing lycra shorts) that there are geared unicycles, that I had owned one, and that it was like owning a Ferrari.

My new unicycle (KH 36 with Schlumpf hub, custom build and powdercoat by Silva Cycles) is my “latest” Ferrari. It wasn’t my first, and I certainly hope it won’t be my last! It was pricey, but not like a car. Lycra? Usually worn underneath something else… :slight_smile:

As for my Ferrari, it’s a 29 er. I am getting a handlebar for it this week and going to put a water bottle and computer on it and I will be set. I may even paint it one day:)

Yeah I spotted that on the Beeb site too.

As far as middle age crises go riding a uni is value for money though. My brother-in-law got into triathlons at 45 and spent £3,500 on jis bike, plus another £1,500 to repair it when he got run over.

I spent £129 on my Nimbus 29" (with a Big Apple tyre) on eBay, plus 25 rfor a new set of pedals.