Malibu MUni!

Me and John (Vivalargo) at Chumash trail in Malibu overlooking the ocean was pretty awesome! About a 50 drive up PCH North of Venice, CA. Super steep hike up, then a nice 3 mile loop of perfect singletrack and almost unridable DH sections, but we cleaned most of it.

The most amazing panoramic views of the ocean too with cool offshore breezes to cool us down. A few too-close encounters with the abundant cactus patches, but overall a really challenging, fun ride!:smiley:

Malibu MUni Video!

Whoops! Had it set to private, but it’s public now. Sorry about that chief!:stuck_out_tongue:

Watch now!:slight_smile:

you know Ive seen all your videos.

And You Kick Ass Man!!

If I ever move to Cali I wanna hang out with you man!

Thanks so much! Yeah absolutely that would be great! You can always get in touch by PM here or through my website.:slight_smile:

Haha John requested that I post this silly pic showing my fear of the cacti.:stuck_out_tongue:


Haha nice Terry. Three videos on one page.

Lol, yeah, it would actually be four if I posted my “coker-torial”. I won’t though haha. I think I need to wait…like a year lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s the trees, You guys need some trees. It looks all barren and hot. :astonished: How about some greenery on your trails

Haha actually we were directly above the ocean and so we had a great cool offshore breeze. Weather was near perfect. But yeah, I prefer MUni in canyons, like my regular haunt, Sullivan canyon, as seen in this very recent viddy. I’ll be there at 6am mon-yawna for a nice 9 miler!:smiley:

But I like a variety of MUni venues-as long as they’re super challenging, steep, technical. The more difficult the better. :sunglasses:

I can only assume you are referring to your own post lol! Haha, we’ve been infiltrated by a non-rider flamer! I hope you stay at least long enough to become enlightened! Check out the entire website, read a variety of posts, watch videos; you’ll see our sport in a whole new light and appreciate just how fantastic the world of uni is!:smiley:

great video. I just got my 36’er yesterday and i have already mastered free mounting on flat ground. uphill is a little harder. I have put about 10 miles on it so far. I would have put more on if i didn’t have to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week. Turning is really fun and on the bike path i am always passing up the bikers.

Congrats on your new 36er! Anytime you want to meet for a beach bike path ride, let me know! Of course, the Torrance to Malibu and back route is great, but there’s a bike path at the beach near you too isn’t there? It should be at least 10 miles each way for a good fun ride.:smiley:

Another great MUni video Terry. Loved it !! Some of those sections looked really steep. You guys have some good control in the descents.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
you kinda have to feel sorry for this guy sad person

great video-i feel terrible riding my ass off here and its 30 celcius
it looks so much hoter there

Thanks. Very steep but somehow the cam never seems show just how steep it really is.:slight_smile:

Thanks. Well, it was really perfect weather that day with cool offshore breezes, and about 72 degrees. But about 5 miles or so inland it was in the mid 80’s! I’d much rather ride early am or late afternoon to avoid direct sun, especially in the summer. :slight_smile:

The important thing, if you fall on to cactus, is to get pictures.

Its definately hard to emphasis how steep things are… the camera flattens it all out. One way that I find helps emphasize how hard it is, is to show people failing spectacularly.


yeah at least the fisheye helps to show the steepness a little better than without one anyway.

I wonder if they even have unicycles in Krstarica?


Yeah, in the vid, it only looks mildly steep.:frowning: I think that’s mainly because you guys were always in-line of each other on the trail.