Malcolm Sharp - Trials Unicycling

went to canberra and rode for a day then hurt my tailbone (again) while attempting to grind a handrail in the wet so i decided to rest and make a video of malcolm instead.

btw the green bench was already bent when we got there

nice video! Filming was pretty good :wink:

Keep it up!


Not the greates rider, but certainly an enjoyable video. What he did was very smooth.

I feel you on hurting your butt in wet weather.

haha thanks man. it was ur filming for elias’s vid and matty p’s last few vids that inspired my filming / editing.

any comments on filming and editing very much appreciated!

yea i hurt it really badly several months ago and now i keep hurting it again really easily.

Pretty Cool.

I see an improvement in Malcom’s riding. I also like your filming Issac and yes Matty’s filming and Raphael’s filming is inspiring. What are you using to stabilize your camera?

once again u fail to spell my name…

in this video i didnt use any stabilizing device, not even a tripod. i just tried really hard to hold it really still. but i did recently make myself a dodgey little glidecam.

nice. My first thought was wagga wagga?! aussies!
Then I thought “riding on the wall”…
nicely filmed too. great riding.
now I’m thinking, isnt it winter? where are the penguins?

Great filming and editing. I really liked how you did the transitions through panning. Maybe next time try not to zoom in and out too much. There only supposed to be used as exclamation marks in a sense.

I thought the riding was really smooth too.

i thought the same thing. zooming in really far was half accident and half of it was actually from the automatic cropping wen i smoothed out the clips (which also explains the dodgy quality for some of the clips)