making trials obstacles

hi everybody,

i’m thinking about making trials obstacles in my backyard and i’m wondering if anyone has any advice on what to use and maybe what to make (?). does anybody already have some kind of trials set-up? any suggestions or experiences especially on how you’ve put stuff together and what you’ve made and use would be great. thanks!

  • zach

(everything’s kind of flat where i live and i don’t have much access to trials/muni stuff)

palletes…lots of them

Get your hands on a whole bunch of 2" by 4" and 2" by 6"s. Strong plywood too. ($50 to $75 worth of assorted lumber is a good start). If you can “find” it lying around, even better.

Then with a skil saw, or even better a table saw, a big box of long wood screws and an electric drill, build a few simple structures that are challenging for you (a few boxes, sandwich boards etc).

4" by 4"s make good skinnies.

Combine these with as much premade, but solid stuff as you can find (pallets, spools, concrete blocks). This will keep the cost down.

As you ride it, you will discover what’s good for you, and build stuff that’s progressively more challenging.


These are just a few. Have fun…be creative. And use a ladder to hop along. They’re great fun. Sandwich boards are easy to make and good for trials I reckon.

Good luck,

Why make trials equipment when Kris is trying to get rid of his?

All you have to do is make the drive up to Canada and pick it up.


Hmm… Stanley, NC to Vancouver, BC… :roll_eyes:

Be right over :stuck_out_tongue:

(need to revive this thread.)

thanks for all of the advice. i got some palletes but they are snapping really easily. did you guys put some long sheets of plywood over yours or something, or did you not have this problem?


If you need wood, a good source is the local fine art museum or shipping company. They package all fine art in plywood boxes and then throw the wood away. Just get friendly with the curator and ask for some of their scrap wood.

How about some giant green bars of soap?