Making Thin street seat

My fat ass dx seat is kinda in the way for unispins and stuff makes grabing harder and what not. Anyways what would I use for padding I can make a new cover no problem have made one before. I was thinking that layered neropean would be comfy. I don’t like a real squishy seat. I don’t want to buy an new one cause I’m a cheapo:D

umm, you can simply cut down the DX seat foam;)

yeah i guess mornish has a good idea if you want to make it so hard on yourself. id just buy the new kh street seat. but wtevr.

What would I cut it with so it don’t get all bumpy.

Step one - Remove staples of cover.

Step two - Gently and carefully remove the cover.

Step three - Get something that will cut through the foam easily and cut the
foam to your preferred shape and thickness.

Step four - Re-assemble the cover.

Thats the basics of it, and I have done it to my DX seat, and now it resembles the Koxx seat.

Step 1: take off the handle and bumper, and pull out all the staples on the bottom of the cover

Step 2: carefully peel the cover off the foam, be extra careful not to rip either one

Step 3: take out the foam and cut it in half or so, a hacksaw works best. keep the top of the foam, because you’ll want the curves in the foam.

Step 4: put it all back together like it was, you can use a big stapler to get the cover back on, or get a KH fusion cover for $15.

Honestly, I used a bread knife. Not a butter knife, the bigger one with a serrated edge for bread loafs.

I got lots of bumps, the big ones I was able to rip down with my fingers, but once I put the cover back on, you cant see the bumps, and its extremely comfy.

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I took out the bottom of the foam and kept the top, that way you don’t have to ever worry about bumps or foam coming apart.

A hacksaw or breadknife, or something that has that type of serrated edge works great.

Lol! I just noticed that. Yours was more in depth than mine though.

Yeah that might be a better Idea than finding another type of padding how muc less comfy for just riding will it be?

I actually found it to be more comfy after I cut mine down.

Me too, much so. I even took mine apart after awhile and cut it down MORE. You would probablly be fine with about an inch or so of foam left.

Cut it slightly more on the ends to make it have less front-to-back curve. Be careful though, mess up and you end up buying a new seat! It’s not too hard though if you watch what you’re doing.

These are awesome for cutting foam. I use mine for cutting foam a lot. Smooth cuts, easy to maneuver.

I drew the shape i wanted in the foam with a sharpie, then cut it with a dremel tool. Dremel cut-off wheels are small, so you have to make a few cuts to get it down, but it will look perfect afterwards. I recomend thinning the sides of the seat to reduce chaiffing if you do alot of roll hops.

For trials, I lost the stock foam all together, and replaced it with kayak seat foam. I like it, I like it olaa.

yeah but dont use mum’s best knives cos they will go blunt really quick!

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Ok I cut it down and it fits my ass so perfect! And it’s making my unispins/hickflips spin so much smoother! Thanks dudes