Making some progress!

Well, I have been riding for about 6 months now and it is going pretty good. I posted a while back about juggling while riding. It’s starting to click for me now, I can get about 50 catches with the clubs on a good run. My speed and trajectory fluctuate a good bit while juggling, hopefully with more pactice it will smooth out. I hope to be pretty competent at it by summer. I always practice on a remote part of my local bikepath. I prefer not to do it in front off anybody unitl I am good. Still, I cross paths with an occasional jogger and there is alway some kind of comment! One guy called me a “showoff”. I said “Don’t you need an audience to showoff? There’s noone out here but me, you, and the trees!” Oh well.

My freemounts are good, I can do a static and a rolling mount almost always.

Idling has eluded me so far. I always fall to one side when I attempt it and its a pain to always remount when you constantly fall off so I probably don’t practice it enough. Sometimes I can squeak out a half pedal backwards and then ride forwards again.

I’ve had some luck with riding backwards. I usually ride up to a wall, put my hands against it, and then push off backwards. Sometimes I’ll make it 15 to 20 feet.

I still need some more work on my turns also. My right turn is pretty good but my left turn takes my in a much wider circle. Why are left turns harder for me? Thats really the only thing about “level 2” that is holding me up!

I am really good at hopping. Probably my BMX skills helped me there. One guy I uni with always tries to get me to hop no handed, is that possible? I can’t seem to hold the seat with my legs tight enough to control a hop.

My unicycling has motivated me to start riding my “wheelie” bike, a vintage Schwinn Stingray. I take it with me sometimes when I uni. I did a non stop wheelie over a mile last week. Thats nowhere near what I used to do as a teenager, but still pretty good. You think unicycling draws some odd comments, a 40 year guy doing wheelie on a 40 year old bicycle really gets some strange reactions!

This is a great site, I am glad you guys are here!