Making sandwich boards

I tried the archives and found only two very old threads (2002 & 2005) on the subject of sandwich boards. Not a whole lot of info there. But the two pics I found are interesting in that one shows the top attached 2x4’s on the inside, and the other pic has them on the outside.

Seems to me that the inside is better and you’re less likely to get snagged or smack your legs or ankles on the edge, if they’re on the outside. Plus if they’re on the outside, the protruding 2x4’s are one more thing you have to clear to land on the top. I also think it looks better on the inside and gives it a “cleaner” look. However, the hinges in the top pic are sticking up and into the landing area, so I think that’s a design flaw. But overall these seem pretty straight forward to make. Any suggestions as to the best way to build them? I want to make several in graduated sizes. :slight_smile:



glue and screw.

Of course…it’s so simple, thanks!:stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’ve convinced me to make some of my own, Terry. I’m already planning it. I’ll hopefully build them in graduating sizes, also. I was thinking:

2 x 4" tall
2 x 8"
2 x 12"
2 x 16"
2 x 20"

20 hinges, 15 feet of 2X4, a few sheets of plywood, about 100 screws, and 20 feet of thin rope. Not bad for 10 trials obstacles.

Hmm I think there are a lot of better obsticles that can be made for trials, those dont realy look that great. And why make one 4" high? You could just lay something on the ground to the same effect. Or prehaps build something like this instead…

Two stands with slots for a 2X4 or something to slot into, It can be set at different hights and when at the top can be riden as a skinny. It will come apart and stoe away quite easily. Tried and tested, works well and is a good adition to a course.

trial obsticle.bmp (1.2 MB)

Yea and what I made will do that easy.

Off to a quick start!

On my way back from a tuning job, I stopped down the street from by my Dad’s house and these construction guys had a huge pile of scraps and said I could take whatever I wanted. So I grabbed two good lengths of 2x4’s and a few other odds & ends.

Now it’s over to Home Depot for the 4x8 plywood sheets; question: What thickness do you think is best? 1/2", 3/4" or 1"? I’m thinking 3/4" should be about right. Thoughts? Other items I’ll need are hinges, screws (got wood glue, drill and saw already) and that yellow nylon rope that you can easily melt at the ends once you make the knots.

It think these will be perfect since they fold up and are portable. I’m thinking it might also be good to attach some non-skid rubber strips to the bottoms of each sandwich board, just in case the floors are not carpeted and may be slippery! :slight_smile:


I still think this is way too much effort for a set of obsticles that probably wont be that great to ride and can only realy be used on there own. Whatever.

Well, I’m open for your ideas. The audition takes place in a fairly small room, with nothing but the producers watching from they chairs. Since I don’t have an “act” or really do any tricks, per se, I wanted something to bring and be able to set up easily so I could at least jump, hop, gap and drop.

I thought if I had like 5-6 of these sandwich boards in sizes like 12", 24", 36", 48" an 60", I could place them at different points in the room, make my way up to the highest one, maybe still-standing on a couple on my way up, then drop off the highest one. Other than that, it’s all a bare, flat floor. Plus, I think just having them to practice on would improve my skills. :slight_smile:

Ooooh your going to an audition and need some props to ride. Did I completly miss that? Fair enough, there probably not a bad idea. As long as your confident mounting on the higher ones and dropping off them. I dont know how sturdy they will be.

Uh heres a little idea that you could use for the tallest one, to give yourself a bit more area to work with.

trial obsticle.bmp (351 KB)

Cool nice art work there!:smiley:

You might look into some saw horse brackets. They have some that fold-up, hold a lot of weight, and you can use the 2X4’s you found. Plus you will have an almost 4"" area to ride on. Quick to build and quick set-up.

There are several varieties to choose from.

Good luck at the audition!

To make something like these? I like the quick & easy build part of it, but I wonder if they would be stable enough, especially the really tall ones. Plus the fact that a lot of them are just big “clamps” and don’t screw down. But I think the one’s in the link use screws.

You would probably want to add some cross braces for the taller ones. Maybe you could find some horizontal cross braces that fold up like what you find on the side of step-ladders .

…Or for that matter just borrow some alum step-ladders of various heights.

just an idea.

Yeah aluminum would be great and lightweight, making them easy to transport, etc. But I only have 8 days to get something made and practice on them. So I better get crackin’! Thanks everybody for the help and advice! :smiley:

Hi Terry,

KH’s site has some photos of Sandwich boards although it looks like you have it covered. Lots of other ideas there to.

There are also further instructions here

Thanks for the info! I’d already seen the Carter page, but not KH. Good stuff!:smiley:

you call those sissy things sandwhich boards??


jk guys, these are just what me and riley use to jump on :slight_smile:

those are manwich boards. And they are fun. im gonna have to go build some now because of you.


It might be fun if you had something you could do with a few of the chairs around the room. I do not have any specific suggestion, but hoping up on one chair and then hoping across to another one or two might look cool.

I like the following picture from the KH link posted earlier:

I guess I am just a sucker for riding up narrow stuff. It is all beyond me at this point (but I am getting better!)

Good luck with the audition.