Making of crab cycle


I finally added some pictures of how the crabcycle was made…
Tom is no artist when it comes to drawing but he makes up for it with the real thing.

I have not uploaded how the frame was made… he has some special tools for bending steel. Also have some other pictures… I’ll try to update it when I get a chance.


I wanna ride that so bad!!!

How does it ride anyways? did it take long to get used to? anyways it looks great =p

that is awesome, man!!
I definitely want to see you learn to ride it and post a video (:


Oops I broke the video of me riding… its now back …its at the top of the page.

I just noticed today that I do this:

When I feel I going to fall I hold the right pedal down and let myself have a controlled fall on the left foot.

I just noticed because I am learning to go to the right by pedaling backwards and I did not know how to fall off safely. :slight_smile:


i liked the video, i wonder what idiling would be like on it lol


Jerrick: It rides real smooth but I twist a lot when I ride especially from starting position. I have worn out a few tires already… though I now have a 17 tooth sprocket on the wheel (the gear box has a 16 tooth sprocket) so I am wearing out the tire evenly now.

It took me about 3 months to learn from a tall fence… for comparison it took me 1 month to ride double wheel.

The idle feels like a rola bola with the right pedal down. With the left pedal down it just feels wrong. :slight_smile: I still have not mastered the idle yet.

Once I master the crab cycle (to me that means able to mount, idle while juggling clubs, and pedal backwards), I’ll adjust the clamps so when you pedal forwards you go right… By then I’ll be worse than the first time I tried it. :smiley: