Making my uni girlie

I want to make my KH20 more girlie but I’m on a budget (or lack there of lol). The powder coating pink would be $75! :astonished: Thats if I can strip it and only have a simple hand sander. So not sure I can strip it. I am also not sure if that would weaken the frame?

I’m thinking of buying fabric and making a pink covering or cow pattern covering. I have clear odyssey pedals. I could go pink. Or found pink duct tape online. Any ideas? Not sure what would look good on a blue frame. Or just get a pink helmet and be done with it lol?

You could reupholster the saddle (stretch nylon works well - see Muniaddicts tutorial, swap out the seatpost clamp, and pedals in similar colours (The right kind of pink would go with KH blue).

You could also try asking / scrounging in the bins of a sign shop for some sticky back vinyl off cuts. Cut out designs for your frame and stick them on. I’d put them nearer the top otherwise your feet will rub them off. Or do this

You could probably use some sort of fabric (wall paper?) and cut it to fit all over your frame, use some sort of adhessive. Nothing too perminant because you’ll want to change it up some time so you don’t want too much trouble grinding it off. After you apply the fabric or whatever then I guess you could cover it all with some sort of clear coat spray, several coats should do the trick. Good luck and take some picts…

Why not try and scratch up the frame and paint it with a primer then paint it pink, then a couple of coats of clear coat. This is my plan with my daughters uni once she can ride it on her own. It will be her reward for being Awesome.

Talk about the “relationship” with your uni.


I really like the making stickers idea! I will check out the fabric store too. I should come up with something cool. Keeping posting ideas as I want to think about this a bit so it turns out really cool and original!

I also would suggest spray painting the frame. It’s very easy to cange the color whenever you feel like it. Also, it would be pretty cool to fabricate a new seat cover as well, that would really add a uniqueness to it

Pink helmet and stickers

you could weave stuff through/around the spokes - ribbons or some kind of fabrick or make/buy a nice girlie valve cap.

I have a lilac 36er, a pink helmet with flowers on, you can see my girlie sticky out bits when I’m wearing my cycling gear, and people still think that I’m a man when I’m riding my uniycle. :frowning:

I would start with a search of the forums, I know Maestro posted a good repainting one in 06 I think you can easily find.

Beyond that, if you aren’t going to strip down the paint you have options…but whatever you do, withought fully removing the paint you can get really mixed results.

My experience -

use steel wool and go crazy all over the surface, try to avoid deep scratches, you only want to make the surface rough so the paint has something to “grab” to. After a serious (and I mean more than a few passes) use of the wool (you don’t need to press hard), you should have the clear coat rather opec, but not gashes that will leave a nasty looking finish. I would go with two options, get access to a cheap sprayer, or get really high quality spray paint for metal (maybe 15 bucks a can) You’ll prolly only need two for a uni, maybe only one. Indoors (if you do it outdoors bugs, pollen, anything can blow onto it), and with venting (fans facing out on a window is fine) hang the frame with a wire so that you have full access to it in all directions, and don’t hang the wire in a way that will cover the frame (this will give you more event coats). Then stand maybe 6-10 inches away (try this out on cardboard first to see how the nozzle acts) and then making burts sprays about 3 secs each sweep back and forth and follow through with a stroke away from the uni in a U shape. Take your time painting, and don’t make any coat too heavy you will get drips. If you are seeing a bit of color, but think it should cover better - thats what you want, you will do several coats. Fully coat the uni, then let it dry for 6-12 hours (maybe 24 on the paint) and re-apply, then wait, then re-apply , repeat until you have a nice solid color - you will have no spots, no drips and a mirror finish. Now go out and get some auto quality clear coating - spray can - maybe 6-10 bucks; apply the same way as you did the spary paint. Do like…8coats or more, really take your time (it will protect your paint from just peeling away from weathering).

After the final coat, don’t touch it for a few days. Between coats NEVER touch it, even to see if its dry, just wait at minimum 6 hours and reapply. You should have a really good paint job if you are patient.

Have fun!

P.s. I wouldn’t put a cover on it, I would paint it if you can, It’ll look awsome

P.s.s you can also paint the rim this way if you tape off the spokes, etc.

Total cost - maybe 40 bucks if you use two cans of paint - total time: over a week, but its worth it

Well, since its been a rainy day, went to the fabric store and got some cool fabric for $2 lol. Its light pink with tie die type of splashes of hotter pink and some orange, my fav! So so far going for a seat cover. I saw some fur but didnt think that would hold. Then I’ll get to stickers and maybe new pedals. New uni for just dollars. :smiley:

For my BMX, I could do a seat cover too. Is there good gel pad I could use on it since I’ll be jumping like maybe a mouse pad?

You could check at your local community college, normally there is an auto-body program that focuses on painting cars. Sometimes they will do small projects for free or for a nominal fee. Check it out, you have nothing to lose but time, and you may even make some good connections.

Well, so far I did the seat, reupholstered it. Now I’m working on designing stickers. Any ideas of text I should use? I’m a graphic artist so good at this stuff!

I’ll try the sticker way first. I actually enjoy doing it myself, just cant use my oven.

I have had good results using sponge painting technique. Apply paint to sea sponge and lightly dab frame with it. (practice first) Hot pink would be awesome with your blue frame.

Any pics? What type of paint? I’m loving this project!

Try other powder coating places. The one by me sandblasted and coated my frame for $35.

Try calling a few local high schools and asking if they have a metal shop. Sometimes metal shops have sandblasting/powdercoating machines and you could possibly give it to them and a student could do it. Sometimes the student will get a grade from it, too!

I’m in advanced metal shop at my school and I recently sandblasted and powdercoated my frame. I didn’t have to pay a penny.

I’m sorry I don’t have any pics. but it was hot pink aerosol paint from a Hobby L. craft store that I sprayed on a sponge.

I bet an auto-body shop might just do it for free if they are running one for a larger project

Well, think I’ll do the stickers for now, long one for tube and 2 long ones for sides. Designed the tube one, now need to come up with sides. I worked as a graphic artist/illustrator so I can make things look good. Better then one color. The seat is pink. Trying to see if I can get the pedals for cheap in glow pink. Then the frame and I’ll post it.