Making Carrier/Fender for KH36

I’m getting prepared to unicycle to work on my KH36.
And am in the process of adding carrying capacity on the Uni. Also thinking of future uni-packing.
See photos.
I’m happy to receive any insights. I plan to add angles to top of fender to stop bags sliding. Also I have aero bars and will add a short bar from under seat out back - for commuting probably 350mm long.


I would recommend ensuring that you take some lock nuts and machine screws with you in case any of those rivets come loose during a long ride.

Will your luggage protect the corners of that rack during a UPD?

Thanks mowcuis,
I’m thinking the double rivets will be more reliable at staying in place than machine bolts and lock nuts. I’m using machine bolts and lock nuts elsewhere.

With UPDs the front fender doesn’t hit the ground, aero bar takes the impact which is ok.
The back fender end would scrape ground. At that point of the wheel, if the unicycle is on the ground with pedal forward on that side, there is a 30 gap between wheel and ground. Being Aluminium, I’m thinking that the flex of frame would be less than yield deforming point of the aluminium. Will see as I road test.

I think my concern would be that any movement resulting in deformation of the rivets or plate would be close to impossible to tighten up and things could get rattly.
Lock nuts could come undone, but at least you could periodically tighten them if required.

It’s going to be interesting road testing this setup, that’s for sure. I’m only riding 12km each way to work and home starting next Wednesday. So far on the first couple of rides I’ve done that distance, I was able to mostly control dismounts. Had one ‘endo’ over the front jumping clear. If need be I’ll put in machine bolts if space. I’ll probably carry a rivet tool and spare rivets before that.

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Looks like it needs a fixed attachment between the horizontal brace and frame fork tubes. Without any connection here any unbalance of the load could cause the carrier to rub on the tire.

See Edd Pratt’s set up with attachments to the frame.

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I think I got this project to a point where I can start test riding. And picking up any issues as suggested.
One of my goals with this project was to build it with simple hand tools in my work bench/laundry bench using off-the shelf items from the local hardware store.
See pictures below. Again, any insights would be gratefully appreciated.

See pictures below

Cross members visable on the underside (2nd picture)
Cross members visable on topside are for tie down attachment. (1st picture)
Dry bag has one tie-down shown, can have 3 tie downs and attach to bar ( at rear -not installed yet) or at front attached to KH T-bar.
2 dry bags are plenty for me with commuting or mid distance day trips. I will look at making custom bags front and rear.


You’ve got talent. I’m impressed.

Hi Linda, hope you like what I did to the gear I got from you.
Thanks again.
Never thought I would ever get a 36”er.

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